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  • Álvaro Siza Vieira: Design as experience

  • The following text is an extract taken from an interview published on Domus No. 746, February 1993 in which the the Portuguese Architect tells about his way of working. "I see design as a very special kind of tool, because it make possible, first of all, extremely rapid communication and, secondly, a highly accurate[...]
  • YTAA - Young Talent Architecture Award

  • The Young Talent Architecture Award (YTAA) aims to support the talent of recently graduated Architects, Urban Planners and Landscape Architects who will be responsible for transforming our environment in the future. YTAA has emerged from curiosity about and interest in the initial stages in these students’ development [...]
  • Letter to a 20-year-old

  • You are very lucky, and in more ways than one. The first way, of course, is that you’re 20 years old. The second is that you’re starting to study at university – and learning is the best way to make time keep pace with us without overtaking us. The third is that Domus can assist you on this adventure like an angel does[...]
  • Souto de Moura e il disegno

  • “Bic/Bic/Bic – Bic Cristal - Nessuno disegna tanto per disegnare. Disegnare non è un hobby, disegnare, in Architettura, significa dover risolvere un problema. Gli architetti disegnano per dovere, non per piacere; come nella Scuola di Belle Arti, dove c’era un orario, un modello, un professore, e noi alunni chiusi tra [...]
  • Meet the masters of Italian car design: Giorgetto Giugiaro

  • Quattroruote’s exclusive program “Meet the Masters of Italian car design” is offered as a unique opportunity for young graduates from design schools or for young professionals already working with manufacturers’ car design centers to meet and learn from the masters of this field assimilating their thinking, practice, t[...]
  • TIMESCAPE: Le Corbusier _ Built and unbuilt projects

  • No Architect ever affected an Impact on a Global scale quite like Le Corbusier - here's our homage on his 50th anniversary in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Explore his seminal works on Timescape About Timescape: Timescape visualizes streams of information across geographies and ti[...]
  • Mola Structural Kit

  • Mola is a new way of studying and teaching the behavior of architectural structures. The model is composed of a set of parts that can be connected enabling several combination. You can assemble, visualize and feel the structures with your own hands. To learn more about Mola Structural Kit, click here Mola on facebook