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  • Frank Lloyd Wright: Textile Block

  • Text and images taken from Domus 737, April 1992 «The concrete blocks? The cheapest (and ugliest) thing in the building world. It lived mostly in the architectural gutter as an imitation of ‘rock face’ stone. Why not see what could be done with that gutter-rat? Steel wedded to it cast inside the joints and the b[...]
  • Bruno Taut: A Home of the Soul

  • Bruno Julius Florian Taut (4 May 1880 – 24 December 1938) Text and pictures taken from domus No. 611, November 1980 A hundred years after the birth of Bruno Taut (1880-1938) we revisit his last work: the house that he built on his return from Japan to Istanbul and where he lived until his death. If challenched t[...]
  • David Chipperfield

  • David Chipperfield is not a new author. His name has crossed Domus pages and articles for many years now. The first time he was mentioned on Domus pages was 28 years ago, in 1988, when the English architect was 35 years old. In other words, 3 years after he established his own studio, David Chipperfield Architects. T[...]
  • Cutlery: variations on a theme

  • Since World War II the most brilliant cutlery designs have always been "variations on a theme" without any major typological revolutions. But in what terms is cutlery "restricted"? Holding food in a plate and piercing it requires an implement with prongs: the fork. Two prongs are sufficient for this; in Italy, h[...]
  • Letter to a 20-year-old

  • You are very lucky, and in more ways than one. The first way, of course, is that you’re 20 years old. The second is that you’re starting to study at university – and learning is the best way to make time keep pace with us without overtaking us. The third is that Domus can assist you on this adventure like an angel does[...]