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  • I see a halo around you

  • Jewelry designer Yun Sun Jang is interested in studying and recreating the spiritual and energetic space that surrounds our bodies. Her collection I see a halo around you explores the boundaries of space and the everyday with interactive objects that provide physical and psycological experiences. The collection refer[...]
  • Plus Minus screwdrivers

  • Turkish designer Erdem Selek tries to find new proposals for screwdrivers. His Plus Minus series is intuitive and... fat. Easy to use, the design is a clear example material that transforms a tool into a precious object that can last for generations. Made of polished stainless steel, it can be the perfect gift for [...]
  • Six exotic dishes inspired by Constantinople

  • These six exotic dishes inspired by Constantinople look at imaginary worlds, tales and forgotten stories with a hint of mystery and nostalgia. Designed by Vito Nesta for interior decoration brand Les Ottomans, the Italian designer speculates on a fantastic, ancient Golden City at the time of the Eastern Roman Empir[...]
  • Perpetual calendar

  • Studio Yonoh designed an analog perpetual calendar that, to function properly, it requires human interaction, taking our attention away from the screen and bringing it into the physical world. Inspired by the architecture of the industrial boom, Perpetuum’s shape is a nod to the shed roofs of factories built in the 1[...]
  • Design with plants

  • We need plants now more than ever. If nature seems so conceptual for the many living in the city, luckily creative minds address our ancestral needs and simply design with plants. Check out a selection of pieces that are either functional, decorative, helpful, playful or utopic. You may choose between plants to pla[...]
  • Gifts for architects and designers

  • Still missing lots of presents? Have a look at this selection, for architects and designers only. You can go high-tech with a fancy portable laser cutter or a smart tool for iPad that lets you scan the whole place in seconds, combined with a measuring laser pen that makes the deal. You could buy small little workin[...]
10 cozy red designs
  • 10 cozy red designs

  • Browse a selection of 10 cozy red designs, while fully getting in the winter mood. Cozy basics: a comfy seat, one or two warm carpets, a reading lamp, hot tea and a good reading. Designers will do the rest. Jump into the fluffiness of Mario Bellini's Le Bambole sofa, winner of a Golden Compass in 1979 and let your [...]
  • 10 design ideas for Thanksgiving

  • This Thanksgiving take some inspiration from ten design tableware collections: choose between simple ceramics, coloured glasses, blue hues or alternative cutleries. Designed for famous brands –Alessi, Seletti, Villeroy&Boch, Blumarine, Kartell, to name some – or by experimental alternative designers, you can ch[...]
  • Ergonomia della mente, o il mio tavolo è misantropo

  • Un mobile può rappresentare una determinata personalità? La risposta arriva dal designer fiorentino Paolo Salvi, che con il suo progetto Ergonomia della Mente esplora i profili comportamentali dell'uomo nelle sue molteplici personalità. Cassettiere superbe, comò estroversi, armadi mitomani, scale anancastiche, e molt[...]
  • Red lamps: six classics

  • A selection of six red lamps from Domus website proposes new ad old classics. Moving back to the Sixties, Giancarlo Mattioli's Nesso lamp for Artemide was designed in 1967 and has been celebrated as a design icon, becoming part of the MoMA design collection. In 1952 Alvar Aalto designs the Pendandt Light A110 for F[...]
  • Siba Sahabi, Blue Alchemy

  • Amsterdam-based designer Siba Sahabi created Blue Alchemy, a collection of seven felt vases that revive the legendary “Egyptian blue” and takes us back to an ancient pottery workshop that served as a laboratory for alchemical experiments. Siba’s vases are made by hand from coiled coloured felt strips and an enlarge[...]
  • Joan Rojeski: the reborn of sticky notes

  • Joan Rojeski design agency redesigned sticky notes in a project for Normann Copenhagen. Inspired by origami, these funny small pieces transform into 3D objects to share messages in many different ways. The collection is part of the stationary set that the Danish company named “Daily Fiction”. The studio has developed[...]