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  • Nestled cities

  • The nestled cities, dreamy architectures and utopian worlds by Ana Aragão grow vertically step by step, wall after wall. The Portuguese illustrator, born in 1984, has a background in architecture and builds her dream houses through illustrations and paintings. Her imaginery is inspired by mental and emotional maps [...]
  • Gene Davis, Hot Beat

  • With no more than a rectangular canvas and multicolor stripes, Gene Davis (1920–1985), considered a leader of the Washington Color School, created a richly varied body of work that looks as fresh today as it did when it first was shown. The exhibition "Gene Davis, Hot Beat" is organized by the Smithsonian Ame[...]
  • Colouristas

  • Other-on collects the works of two real "colouristas" that mix fashion and architecture, giving photography some geometry and geometry some colour. The result is a light and cheerful atmosphere that celebrates pigments. The two young photographers Michelle Cho and June Kim combine their visual skills, focusing on f[...]
  • Siba Sahabi, Blue Alchemy

  • Amsterdam-based designer Siba Sahabi created Blue Alchemy, a collection of seven felt vases that revive the legendary “Egyptian blue” and takes us back to an ancient pottery workshop that served as a laboratory for alchemical experiments. Siba’s vases are made by hand from coiled coloured felt strips and an enlarge[...]