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  • Archicollage

  • Archicollage That building reminds me of... How many times have we associated famous landmarks with something completely hilarious? This is exactly what London-based paper artist Rich McCor does with his archicollage series featured on Paperboyo, his Instagram page. He travels all around the world and "paperbombs" f[...]
  • Jordan Bolton's sugary film collages

  • Jordan Bolton calls himself a Photographic Poster Artist, meaning that he first synthetizes the most representative elements of famous movies, arranging objects, books, food and clothes in elaborate and tidy studio sets and then carefully shoots them. Bolton mainly reimagined the film posters of some of Hayao Miyaz[...]
  • David Delruelle: plan your escape!

  • Loose yourself in nostalgic dreams with the collage series by David Delruelle. Born in 1988, he lives and works in Brussels, Belgium, and gets inspired by everyday news and stories or his own memories. He questions the nature of found images, attaching a new meaning in an endless chain of possibilities, highlightin[...]
Emoji art project
  • Emoji art project

  • The Emoji art project combines art, architecture and photography with some of our favorite emojis, creating hilarious collages that dignify these everyday ideograms. We can see Hokusai's Kanagawa wave on the background of an old house in the Alps, or David Lynch's portrait by Nadav Kander, surfed by a pink board. T[...]
  • Genius Disloci

  • Genius Disloci is a project by Valerio Recchioni that ironically studies and deepens the relationship between architecture and the environment, through collages that combine contemporary buildings and art painting masterpieces. He creates new contexts answering this simple question: “What would happen if some of th[...]
  • Le Cor(nudie)r competition

  • Le Cor(nudie)r is a collage competition launched by Archistophanes collective, to make the provocative images using the renowned portrait of Le Corbusier painting nude – or, as others say, vandalizing the walls – at Eileen Gray’s villa in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, southern France. The result is a full rage of well tho[...]
  • Urban mandalas

  • In the digital era even mandalas need a refresh: Neal Peterson takes the peaceful rituals of universe representation to an urban scale, depicting cities like Chicago, Vancouver, Mexico City and Reykjavik through a long and dedicated photograpic work. His Urban Mandalas are large-scale collages, where hundreds of ph[...]
  • Paper wonders

  • Multicolored graphics, dreamlike landscapes, abstract fashion designs, complex perforated patterns and immersive scenographies. Take a look at the hypnotic works of these artists and designers, definitely committed to the paper universe. Amy Genser – uses paper as a pigment and is obsessed by texture, pattern and [...]
  • Migrants Series, digital photography and collage on board

  • “Through its long use as an ideological language, architecture carries within its forms a complicated and often contradictory set of values that are charged with a heritage that has to do with their past uses and associations. It is exactly this aspect that can give architecture its social meaning, for it carries the p[...]