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  • "As an ongoing project which has been running since two years I have built these benches in public urban space. The materials used are barrier components from construction sites. By transforming them into a bench, they turn into a subtle invitation to sit down and pause for a moment in the daily grind. Putting the be[...]
  • Porto / City Identity and Branding Proposal

  • "In June 2014 we were invited, along with two other studios, to conceive a new visual identity for the city of Porto. We were given just 18 days to prepare a proposal, yet despite this, we responded to the opportunity with great enthusiasm and motivation. Firstly, because we’re very passionate about Porto – it's our [...]
  • Out of Place

  • L’autore di questi bizzarri scatti urbani  intitolati "Out of a Place" è il fotografo e designer tedesco Robert Rickhoff . L’artista stravolge lo spazio pubblico e la sua architettura, manipolando e modificando le sue fotografie. Le strade diventano rampe da skateboard, l’autostrada è un campo da pallavolo, una panchin[...]
  • Abstract Maps

  • Toronto-based artist e Jazzberry Blue created this series of abstract maps portraying the world's most famous cities: Los Angeles, London, Milan, and more. The self-taught traveling artist uses a combination of bold color palettes and geometric figures to give each map an abstract flare of its own. From the organized [...]
  • Rush Hour

  • The Argentinian director transforms a typical intersection into an absurdly choreographed dance of cloned cars, bicyclists and pedestrians who at almost every moment appear destined to collide. Fernando Livschitz is a young-but-skilled expert in special effects that are perfectly (and proprietarily) designed to fit [...]