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  • Underwater sculptures by Eva Zethraeus

  • Eva Zethraeus is a Swedish ceramist artist, born 1971, that creates underwater sculptures inspired by botanical and biological specimens. She works with porcelain clay and subtle shades of color to create sinuous shapes that together bring to life immersive environments and fragile marine landscapes. Graduated at t[...]
  • Six mini pottery series

  • Miniatures are back on track, being one of the big trends lately: six devoted artists and designers produced mini pottery series that require a moment of observation and concentration. Almost like a ritual, Yuta Segawa shapes hundreds of vases and pots, that later melts for new explorations and meanings. "Size does[...]
  • Six exotic dishes inspired by Constantinople

  • These six exotic dishes inspired by Constantinople look at imaginary worlds, tales and forgotten stories with a hint of mystery and nostalgia. Designed by Vito Nesta for interior decoration brand Les Ottomans, the Italian designer speculates on a fantastic, ancient Golden City at the time of the Eastern Roman Empir[...]
  • This is not an inflatable dinosaur

  • If you let it fall it will probably break, so think twice before letting your three-years-old sweetie play with it. Brett Kernart's collection is pure ceramic, each piece resembling an inflatable dinosaur, available for sale in multiple colours and types on his Etsy account. "My predilection for producing collec[...]