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  • An archive of (cool) things

  • Thngs is a digital “archive of things”, a simple tool for the preservation and structuring of data about physical things. As the founders describe it, Thngs is a “Noah’s ark for the tangible world”. Structured in a simple way that can help in cross searching, each object is photographed in many different angles, sh[...]
  • British Library behind the scenes

  • Have you ever wondered how the British Library conserves or digitalizes some of its largest pieces? Two public videos generously give us a behind-the-scenes of these spectacular procedures. Digitalizing one of the largest books of the collection requires a large room, custom made wooden pedestals, staircases, lights, a[...]
  • Botanical Shakespeare

  • Landscape designers and bothany enthusiasts should add a new book to their library. Botanical Shakespeare was conceived by Shakesperasre historian Gerit Quealy and artist Sumié Hasegawa, who collaborated for a book that examines every plant that appears in Shakespeare's works. The volume portraits over 170 flowers,[...]
  • The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra

  • War in Syria has irrevocably changed the ancient city of Palmyra. “The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra” is an online exhibition by the Getty Research Institute and a tribute to the legendary caravan city, that collects materials from when it was first captured and illustrated in the 18th century, to sadly recent times. F[...]
  • Archivio Carlo Scarpa

  • L’intreccio tra architettura, restauro, museografia e archivio fa del Museo di Castelvecchio un vero luogo di attrazione. La sua accessibilità, unita alla possibilità di consultarne l’eccezionale fondo dei disegni di Carlo Scarpa relativi al restauro di Castelvecchio, permette a studenti, ricercatori, studiosi ma a[...]