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  • This app makes you see through walls

  • If you need to know where exactly water and gas pipes are located, Walabot is an app that allows you to see through walls. Designed for DIY enthusiasts or professional makers and builders, it is a 3D imaging sensor that lets you uncover things hidden in the world around you, turning your pc and smartphones ino a 3D[...]
  • Pokemoning the city

  • No more playing, "Gotta catch 'em all" has become something serious. The one true pop-topic of the moment raises multiple questions on how the urban space will be lived and perceived in the future. Already downloaded by myriads of fans, Pokemon Go is delivering easy-to-use augmented reality to a vast public, remar[...]
  • Archisketch _ Sketch & Doodle to Scale

  • Featured in the "Best Productivity App" on the UK App store, Urban Design’s Archisketch iPad sketching app automatically scales drawings to size, including line thickness. It also allows you to flip, rotate and duplicate layers, create custom symbols and is free to download from the App Store. An ideal tool for archite[...]