May 11, 2015
Visual arts

“This is where you come in, so it is like an introduction to where we have been.
You know, you now have Jeff Koons and you couldn’t have Jeff Koons without Andy Warhol, and you can’t have Andy Warhol without Marcel Duchamp, and you can’t have Marcel Duchamp without Picasso, and you can’t have Picasso without the impressionists…there is a direct line between Leonardo Da Vinci and Jeff Koons and we have to understand that continuity. (…) In other words, it is not just about Jackson Pollock, it i salso about Raphael and Michelangelo. Art does not exist on its own, it is part o a general performance which has been going on in Europe for 8000 years.
Leonardo Da Vinci is important for the laptop generation, not just Jackson Pollock, there is a continuum here.
(…) The aim was to take 2000 years of italian paintings and put them all in one place. I had to make a film that was very short, because it is only about 3 minutes long. One could make a film about Italian painting which is 300 hours, there is so much stuff, but we had to make somehow a sort of mini encyclopedia”
Peter Greenaway

Interview with Peter Greenaway, film director and artist selected to participate in the exhibition of the Italian Pavilion (in the section “Tribute to Italy”). Exhibited at the Arsenale