July 1, 2015
Architecture Education Visual arts

-In all the tales of men and beast,
There lies a land of rest and peace.-

By now the early sun had risen and as they made their way west they saw all the other birds stretch their wings and greet the day with songs and whistles.
“Look ahead dear Flory between highway and stone, look under the bridge and you will see my home!”
The Bat blurted out startling Flory who was still tired from the adventures of the last night. Then when her eyes adjusted to the cold morning air she saw it. There between an old rotting bridge and the gravel stone ground beneath was something her young eyes had never seen before. Her heart started jumping with excitement, oh if only Malo was here to se it with her, he would have loved it just as much.
A world of trees and flowers, of plants and pools of water, a heaven, an oasis, a gar- den truly of Eden. There she saw where man had come from and where man had gone. There she saw both the worlds that man was capable of creating.
What strange creatures humans were.
Extract from “The Fabulous Adventure of Flory and Malo in the city of men”

Jacopo Abbate, Matheus Cartocci, Maria Sole Teberino, Alexandra Yan