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Day #2
  • Day #2

  • L'abbuffata di design - Illustrazione di Ailadi "C'è questa smania che caratterizza il Salone di cercare di vedere tutto quello che ti interessa, quello che ti consigliano gli amici, una gran corsa, intervallata da Negroni e Castiglioni, cene, opening, tavoli, installazioni e stuzzichini, un susseguirsi di liane-luc[...]
  • Discipline

  • "Sharing design, finding solutions to problems, interpreting behaviour, bringing discipline into projects, everyday simplicity, real values today's luxuries, excite, not forgetting to smile, energy, good feelings, in harmony, emotional experiences, long lasting, naural materials, beauty, awareness, rediscovering common[...]
  • Madre Terra, design in aiuto di Olbia

  • Amore per la propria terra d'origine, un noto car designer e un brand italiano di illuminazione. Questi gli elementi di "Madre Terra", un tributo di Flavio Manzoni alle vittime dell'alluvione che ha sconvolto la Sardegna nel Novembre 2013. L'architetto, designer e direttore del Design Ferrari, ha deciso di dare un aiu[...]
  • Goodesign UP

  • The central theme of the event created by BEST UP in collaboration with the Cascina Cuccagna, is responsible growth. Businesses and designers exhibit designs, furniture and objects on the same wavelength as the themes of beauty, fairness, social and environmental responsibility. During the event there are going to be: [...]
  • De Padova Textile Rain

  • The installation Textile Rain created by Jo Ann Tan draws its inspiration from the common feature shared by the three new products presented by De Padova: upholstery. The Mimic component sofa designed by Monica Förster, the Chesto armchair by Patrick Norguet and Smeralda, by Anna von Schewen, for the outdoor collection[...]
  • Taurus – earth - mutable

  • OràScappo / Taurus Like always, before leaving, you slyly swept the dust under the carpet. You forgot about the dirty socks lying on the floor, the magazines that fell down behind the dresser over a month ago and just decided that you’d like to contribute to the rent. You, Taurus, apparently are so classy, clean and[...]
  • Wonderglass

  • The exhibition curated by experimental lighting design studio Wonderglass celebrates ancient Venetian craftsmanship by collaborating with world class architects: Claesson Koivisto Rune, John Pawson and Zaha Hadid. The new creations join a new white edition of the iconic Flow[T] lighting system by Nao Tamura (in the pic[...]
  • Constancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft 2014

  • Eighteen traditional Korean craft-artists demonstrate how traditional materials of ceramic, metal, mother-of-pearl, Korean paper and textile can be transformed by their passion and mastery into modern, visualized objects with unique beauty and restraint.  @Triennale di Milano, Viale Alemagna 6, Milano  
  • 200 native and adoptive

  • One is born Milanese. Milanese one becomes. From the hystory of Milan, 200 faces of people who made a contribution to the life of the city and to its image in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The list is largerly inspired by the inscription in the memorial chapel at the Monumental Cemetery. With the addition of[...]
  • Safilo by Marc Newson

  • Safilo celebrates its 80-year history by launching a special capsule collection created in collaboration with Marc Newson. "I enjoy teaming up with this large professional company that is properly industrialized and disciplined in the process of bringing the product to market, as well as a true expert in craftsmanship[...]
Who is Milano?
  • Who is Milano?

  • Identità Milano @Triennale di Milano, Viale Alemagna, 6 Illustration by Olimpia Zagnoli, Michele Tranquillini, Guido Scarabottolo, Emiliano Ponzi, Julia Binfield, Beppe Giacobbe.
  • We are ready to start!

  • The count down is on and we are ready to start! Nearly 30 architecture students will collaborate with Domus offering their opinion about what is going on in Milan during the Design Week