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  • Salone Days: We R Food

  • A restaurant, fine food and four designers: the historical restaurant ‘Rigolo’, situated in the Brera Design District, Milan, presents We R Food. The project was created from the fusion of traditional Italian cuisine with the world of design: Vito Nesta, Martinelli Venezia, Elena Salmistraro and Zanellato Bortotto [...]
  • Salone Days: Hermès pimps up the wall

  • At the Milan Design Week, even your local bakery might suddently feature a five-star design interior. In the Brera Design District Hermès has taken over some very unexpected places, with its "wallpaper guerrilla".  The French maison applied the new paper collections on some of the most symbolic local walls – be it [...]
  • The internet tower

  • Norwegian designer Benjamin Valand created the internet tower, an installation that reflects and represents the amount of information that is taken from us. "When you are browsing the web, advertisers collect information about you, and each second they collect around 1.5 megabytes" he explains. "1.5 megabytes is almo[...]
  • 15 Textiles for interior decoration

  • A selection of contemporary textiles that might revolution your interiors with little effort: well-known designers such as Matali Crasset, Sebastian Herkner, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Inga Sempé have partnered with big brands like Alcantara, Arper, Artek, Nilufar and cc-tapis. The results are always warm, co[...]
  • Otra Nation, the ultimate frontier

  • Otra Nation is a proposal for a regenerative co-nation shared by citizens of both Mexico and the United Stated: a resilient response to the current issues surrounding the border, through the creation of the world’s first regenerative open co-nation. The project has been submitted to both governments by MADE collect[...]
  • Ikebana rings

  • Product and interaction designer Gahee Kang designed the Ikebana Rings collection for Areaware – a New York City based producer of everyday objects that are functional and unusual. The Ikebana Ring is a sterling silver ring that holds a small bouquet of wildflowers, just like the Japanese art of floral arrangement [...]
  • I see a halo around you

  • Jewelry designer Yun Sun Jang is interested in studying and recreating the spiritual and energetic space that surrounds our bodies. Her collection I see a halo around you explores the boundaries of space and the everyday with interactive objects that provide physical and psycological experiences. The collection refer[...]
5 Music shuffles for hard deadlines
  • 5 Music shuffles for hard deadlines

  • Are you planning to stay up all night for a deadline? Boost your music playlists and venture into these music shuffles: they're easy to use and might open up some horizons. No matter what your predilection is, you will surely find that one genre that will speed-up your mouse (or pencil). Total randomness comes from[...]
  • Recycled-diamond jewelry

  • Lisa von Baumgarten and Jenny Kask are two Swedish jewelry designers that love sustainability and minimal design. Their jewels are made from recycled-diamond, and each piece is unique and hand crafted with sustainable materials. Their raw-cut diamonds leftovers are sourced from the slices that remain after the diam[...]
  • Plus Minus screwdrivers

  • Turkish designer Erdem Selek tries to find new proposals for screwdrivers. His Plus Minus series is intuitive and... fat. Easy to use, the design is a clear example material that transforms a tool into a precious object that can last for generations. Made of polished stainless steel, it can be the perfect gift for [...]
  • Scaffoldage

  • With over one hundred study cases,"Scaffoldage, skeletal archiporn" is a webpage solely devoted to scaffolding and its numerous fixing techniques, compositions and material usage. It is a great source of inspiration for construction methods we are not familiar with: bamboo structures in Hong Kong building sites, co[...]
  • Lego tape!

  • Nimuno found the perfect match with its Nimuno Loops, a Lego tape that allows to start building almost anywhere. The tapes are available in a number of colours that will gradually rise, measuring 100 cm each. Recently launched on Indiegogo, and with still 23 days to go, the Loops have pledged more than one million do[...]