Domus - 3/90 - Loves by Domus

Autore: Domus

  • New funky carpets by Jiwonxkim

  • We know her for the Salamandrian funky carpets, a collection on endangered animals turned into hand-tufted pieces, with salamanders, toads, chameleons, sea lions to seaweeds. This year South Korean designer Jiwonxkim presented the Eccentric Garden at SaloneSatellite 2017, a whole new range of colorful carpets, insp[...]
  • Bulgarian eyebombing

  • Street artist Vanyu Krastev did some “eyebombing” pretty much everywhere in Bulgaria. Sticking googly eyes onto decadent fragments of urbanity, he skillfully animates them giving the appearance of a funny living being. Krastev’s mission is to donate sunny and warm emotions to the passersby through the sweet and sil[...]
  • Algorithmic ceramics

  • The Algorithmic Ceramics by Francesco Perego is a collection of 3D printed large clay objects that explore the potential of design using the “G-code” as a creative tool, taking it to a second level (the G-code is the language used by CNC machines users). Today 3D printed ceramics are made from layers that character[...]
  • Wear your architectural ring

  • What happens when an architect starts making jewelry? Find out with the architectural ring collection by Brooklyn-based architect and designer Artur Dabrowski. His series starts with three important elements for the discipline: stairs, bricks and arches. Dabrowski recreates tiny scenarios in rings made from high re[...]
  • British Library behind the scenes

  • Have you ever wondered how the British Library conserves or digitalizes some of its largest pieces? Two public videos generously give us a behind-the-scenes of these spectacular procedures. Digitalizing one of the largest books of the collection requires a large room, custom made wooden pedestals, staircases, lights, a[...]
  • Archicollage

  • Archicollage That building reminds me of... How many times have we associated famous landmarks with something completely hilarious? This is exactly what London-based paper artist Rich McCor does with his archicollage series featured on Paperboyo, his Instagram page. He travels all around the world and "paperbombs" f[...]
  • Elbow cassette player for the nostalgic

  • Take all your old cassettes and revive them with the Elbow cassette player, a smart tool designed for the nostalgic who suddenly turned high tech. Elbow is a device reduced to its core, allowing the user to directly appreciate the mechanical motion of an audio tape. In a way, is like if the cassette played itself. [...]
Flower chess!
  • Flower chess!

  • Tired of solid, standard chess games? Go ephemeral with the Flower Chess vase designed by Tbilisi-based studio XYZ integrated architecture. The only element to look for is the game bouquet: once decided which flower represents the king, queen, rooks, knights, bishops and pawns, all you have to do is “play”. This ha[...]
  • Jordan Bolton's sugary film collages

  • Jordan Bolton calls himself a Photographic Poster Artist, meaning that he first synthetizes the most representative elements of famous movies, arranging objects, books, food and clothes in elaborate and tidy studio sets and then carefully shoots them. Bolton mainly reimagined the film posters of some of Hayao Miyaz[...]
  • Agoraphobic photo traveller

  • The marvels of traveling could turn into a true nightmare if you suffer from any kind of anxiety disorder. Agoraphobic Jacqui Kenny is one of them, and she managed to turn her "limitation" into something notable, almost universal. Based in London, she prefers to move within her comfort area, but still dreams of ope[...]
  • A concrete book for concrete architecture

  • Hungarian freelance photographer and photo journalist Gábor Kasza released a concrete book on concrete architecture: in his words “a poetic photo series about relationships”. It is like a contemporary opera set where stories take place in concrete spaces. Geometric patterns also draw the story on, as they return fr[...]
  • "My kid could do that"

  • By offering an unprecedented glimpse of some the earliest works by famous artists “My kid could do that” is an art initiative by non profit ProjectArt to promote contemporary art among children. To do so they organized a two-days exhibition showcasing the childhood artworks of internationally renowned contemporary [...]