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  • Inflatable ruins

  • English environmental artist Steve Messam created a series of “inflatable ruins” as part of  The Borders Sculpture park, where he combined three abandoned architectures with inflatable fabric sculptures creating a joyful and funny visual spectacle. Setting up a dialogue between past and present, he added a new dimens[...]
  • Brandless: the 3 dollars revolution

  • Are brands a thing of the past? Based in San Francisco and Minneapolis, We Are Brandless ™ is a concept that was brought to life by group of thinkers, eaters and doers who are pushing for more transparency and community-driven values. First of all, goodbye fancy brands. The main objective is to select well sourced [...]
  • Archmospheres: inside the architects' office

  • Archnomspheres is the result of four photographers answering a question: What is the atmosphere of architecture in a photograph? Apparently what connects a person to the photograph he or she is looking at. Away from the cliches where the ever present blue & white images have replaced their black & white pre[...]
Classic cameras made with paper
  • Classic cameras made with paper

  • Korean paper artist Lee Ji-hee turned classic cameras into one of his subjects. Photography lovers will recognize the expensive Foton still camera by American manufacturer Bell & Howell launched in 1948, and its legendary competitor, the Leica IIIF conceived by camera-guru Oskar Barnack (the inventor of the 35 [...]
  • The Tokyoiter

  • For a while Japan took over The New Yorker with The Tokyoiter, a collection of fictional covers made by talented illustrators from all around the world. The goal was to promote the inspiring daily stories that can be lived in Tokyo, in a true celebration of the city and its inhabitants. The project showcases illust[...]
  • Test your music alphabet

  • Think you know your Arctic Monkeys from your AC/DC? Dorothy’s new Alphabet prints are a way to test your musical knowledge. The Alphabet of Rock and the Alphabet of Alternative Music are made up entirely of letters from classic band logos. There’s a discreet A-Z key on the print to help you identify which band logo[...]
  • Mapping hipsters around the world

  • Hoodmaps is a crowdsourced map that divides cities into hipsters, tourists, rich, normies, suits and university areas. The site is a playing tool, where you can “colour” the areas of a certain city that responds to one of the mentioned areas, in addition you can also tag with names or short description. The result [...]
  • Made Labs in Syracuse, Sicily

  • Under the theme “Authenti-City (or the Unesco paradox)” the 2017 Made Labs in Syracuse work at the intersection of design, art, craft, and local cultural traditions. The eight days of workshops and lectures are conceived as a platform for discussion on the future of cultural heritage from both an architecture and d[...]
  • Altrove Festival: street art in southern Italy

  • The Altrove Festival is a major street art festival organised by the Contemporary Art Center in Catanzaro, Southern Italy. This weekend it will display eight urban interventions to re-qualify the historical center within some of the most relevant areas of the city. Among the visiting guests we can find Spanish arti[...]
  • Millo mural in Ukraine's penitentiary

  • Italian street artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, known as Millo, created a new wall in the juvenile penitentiary of Kremenchuk, in Ukraine. The project is part of  Back to School Ukraine curated by Seth Land and Oleg Sosnov with the support of UNICEF Ukraine and Sky Art Foundation. Calling for imagination as a key[...]
  • Operæ design fair, call for entries

  • 22 September is the deadline to apply for the eight edition of Operæ, the indipendent design fair that takes place from the 3rd to the 5th of November at Lingotto Fiere in Turin, Italy. The fair presents a well-structured picture of the international contemporary and collectible design scene, with its two sections [...]
  • Atlas for the End of the World

  • Or Atlas for the Beginning of the Anthropocene. Feel confused about the health status of Earth? For a clearer idea of what’s really going on, what contrasting measures have been taken so far, and what is to be improved in the next few years, have a look at this large selection of academic texts, maps, diagrams a[...]