Architexts’ comic: stereotypes and fun

by Architexts

Architexts is a web-based comic about working in an architectural firm launched publicly on January 25, 2010. Many of the scripts are loosely based on the actual experiences of the creators or people we know. We are confident that not everyone who works in an architectural firm is as cynical as the main characters in Architexts. The whole comic is based on stereotypes of architects and students of architecture, we use these jokes because they are funny, true or untrue. They are purely in jest and used as material to be applicable to the broadest base of our potential audience, so please don’t be offended.

The creators:

Joker has a B.S. in Architecture and is currently on an open-ended sabbatical from finishing his Master’s Degree while working full time as an architectural designer. Joker has worked in several firms, and enjoyed a brief period of unemployment. Somewhat of a cynic about the architectural profession, he constantly needs to inject humor in his office to make each day tolerable, thus earning him the moniker “Joker.” He is married, and still hopes to design his own home one day.
Maverick is a Registered Architect with a Master of Architecture degree from a practice-based architecture school. Maverick has worked for the same small architectural office for nearly ten years where he has a propensity for injecting sarcasm into everything. “Maverick” is the nickname given to him by employees of the Starbucks he gets his coffee from every morning.

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Architexts’ comic: stereotypes and fun
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