44 Flavours

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44 Flavours
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44 Flavours, Berlin Festival, 2015

Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle are the creative minds behind 44 Flavours, the German bureau that has been delivering installations, murals, illustrations and print projects around the world for over ten years. Their work comprises all kinds of media, from murals to posters, and painting to sculpture, and their distinctive style is the recurrence of handwritten type, which stems from a shared interest in typography. Bagge has always been inspired by graphic design, while Rölle has a background in graffiti, which informs his lettering. “Our installations literally bring our paintings to life by turning them into an array of physical objects that interact with the specific character of the space they inhabit.”

44 Flavours
Design team: Sebastian Bagge, Julio Rölle
Credits: all images via 44flavours.com
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