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ARCHIPRIX INTERNATIONAL 2015 “Future of an architecture space Cybertopia. Death of analogous cities”

by Egor A. Orlov

Biennially Archiprix International presents the world’s best graduation projects in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. All university-level training colleges around the world are invited to take part by selecting and submitting their best graduation projects. Archiprix International forms the largest presentation of graduation work and offers unrivalled insight into current trends in design education. We want here to show you Egor Orlov‘s work which has been nominated the partecipants’ favourite of this year.

“Now little one, I will tell you a little story. And yet perhaps it wasn’t such a very long time ago. For the last few years mankind has accumulated more knowledge than it has all its previous history. This factor enables us to say that in the next few decades there will be fundamental breakthroughs in science and engineering which will result in changing society and the architectural design of cities. The degree of its influence could be compared to the age of Great Geographical discoveries. A complex space structure of the future megapolis made from reality and fairy tale generates a more complicated structure of the city. Spaces of these “fairy-tales” have a large number of physical and mechanical laws alien to real space. An ability to fly over or move from one planet to another one, to pass through the walls during system bugs makes the city more complicated. Cyberspace full of hallucination and bugs, components of its own habitat has moved into a real megapolis which is being formed and organized simultaneously in the digital and physical space. Bestiary of unnatural digital nature. Beings from the fairy tales read to us for the night. The city is filled with spirits and deities. Do you see a witch? A demon? An evil stepmother? A sinister gnome? The virtual space is subject to glitches and bugs. The person needs to get used with it! They do not seem strange. It is its new reality! For instance, nobody is surprised by firedrake flying by down the street, trying to convince you to buy surprises the latest model of condom. “Tomorrow” we expect a completely different topography of the city. It will be a map which includes cyber worlds with intrinsic geography, laws of physics, qualities and even its own residents. It is as though landscapes of computer games have woven into the city space becoming its integral part. A great while ago to the future, when the world was full of wonders, artificial days and artificial nights. Here does not happen neither day, nor nights – they replace each other several times for an hour, in which already 62 minutes, not 60. In every day there are 5 mornings and about 6 evenings. “City’s lamp”. It does possible day life at night, and night in the afternoon, substituting them artificial copies. The bright searchlight of a night lamp activates these or those functions of the city, modeling artificial 24 hour hour-peak in a metropolis for the purpose of its consolidation and search of new spatial reserves. Unlucky residents that didn’t manage to meet sunset for any reasons, spend free time allotted for these purposes, going in megalopolis cinema halls where for them, with a reliable accuracy, will reproduce a sunset at all not differing from “natural”, and can be even surpassing it on some to characteristic qualities. Day and night are products of city design. They can be edited, squeezed, stretched, recorded and lost on the big screen at home. Somewhere in the town day comes to an end quicker, somewhere goes longer. Some performances take place faster, some more slowly – speed can be regulated, adjusting the mechanism. It is possible to replay day and night. Metropolis of L’wha. The harvest of peasants of the city fairygarden is similar to cybershamanism. Do you see Geese swans flying highly under clouds? Hundred farmers wiz like call evil and kind ghosts from the cyberspace world. Thousands of illegal bugs stick round landing potatoes – using it, as the battery. Some farmers specially leave top dressing, others opposite, put electronic guns. Parks and squares become similar to garbage dumps. Packings and wrappers are carried out from the bionic materials suitable for the use (analog of the orange peel which is carrying out wrapper function for milk) or serving as excellent fertilizer for park vegetation. During a spring high water of a wastebasket turn into medical bionic baths of the city. Speaking nature is everywhere. Spirits of the metropolis endeavor to tell you their little fascinated story. For this astonishing purpose a fog is an excellent screen. The silent nature filled with the bionic interfaces, “pulses” in fog of images. As soon as the city is covered with fog borough starts to speak. The fairyforest became totally automated and mechanical spot. In the midst of a pine forest, there lived a wonder. There is lonely automated shower in a center of a dark thicket. Rotting, decomposition and blossoming is a natural process. Medical shower which consist of artificial smart microorganisms and mechanical creatures. Now the megalopolis modularity, earlier focused totally on the person, is guided and on “machines”, which become full-fledged participants, new citizens. They create social and cultural megalopolis processes and became its full-fledged designers. Designing the city environmental proceeds from requirements of spatial and esthetic comfort for automated nature. The mechanized city, new understanding of “available habitat”. New field for dialogue of machines and people. Life on the verge of the dramatized risk, it is total staged performance. Trolleys will never be crossed in this madly difficult organism. Though make impression that accident soon will happen. Accident becomes the myth of the old world where technologies and the person didn’t understand each other. Now in fairy city they hear, feel and understand each other without physical contact. Silently. In language of machines. Language to which now machines teach the person. Electronic waves rhythmically shake a grass. It serves as the city indicator of vibrations in air. The small mechanical device in the basis of a sprout reads out its deviations. Like pacemaker, it writes breath of the cybernetic nature, accurately drawing in detail lines. To Faire-Hollywood are taken sights from all over the world. Components of megalopolises that became obsolete and destroyed itself. J. Vashington, Enstein, Buddha, Roger Rabbit. They at once become a part of this block of inhabited complex, its organic communication and spatial cell. Their surfaces play a role of temporary streets, parks and squares. The city of the future is deprived of the “natural” line of the horizon. Moved in city space the person is guided proceeding from moving, instead of static, lines of coordinates. In such space the special card file of reference points and creation of artificial landscapes are necessary. The format of such city can be compared to movement of the person on the escalator when it is deprived natural line of the horizon. The artificial horizon is mobile and is formed at once in several spatial planes, along with the auxiliary spatial grids. Dissolved in the environment of technology that never give failure, transformed the dangerous construction platform, in a new format of public space of the megalopolis. Construction woods become new temporary streets and the megalopolis areas. Huge ships that at once become part of this block of the skyscraper, its organic communication and spatial cell. Its decks are temporary squares of the city, and construction woods of its street. On them inhabitants move. Having sated, the ship “sails” in the next swimming, and on arrival in the new port city, not become dusty indefinitely in megalopolis port, and joins new structure, as the spatial block. Main decks of the ships are covered with numerous weaving installations, reaching top level immigrant-workers start weaving goods for the city. Other ships serve as suppliers of a material for housing that is constructed here. It is a new format of the city street, new public space in a superdense and dynamic urban environment. Everywhere reference points of new topography of the megalopolis with several lines of horizon. The plane flying nearby; turning in a circle of the axis international Statue of Liberty, setting the angle of rotation time and spatial frames of the city; the artificial city night lamp ( transforming, squeezing and expanding format of a day, thereby remaking temporary functions of the megalopolis); certain cyclic spatial combinations of the city (their duration depends on seasonality, function and the current program of the megalopolis, proceeding from it the citizen defines the current site also it is capable to predict the actions proceeding from the further cyclic changes and offered sets of formats). And then came a Roger Rabbit with a long snout, and the story is out”.